Computers that Fly

Your Data Center builds computers for speed and performance. They literally fly! Don't settle for a slow store bought computer!

Highest Specifications

Absolutely nothing outlasts custom built computers from Your Data Center! We use high end military grade motherboards!

Optimized Configurations

Depending on your intended application, we will optimize your new computer to perform at it's best for you. Everyone is different.

Our Computers are built to last for years!

A high quality power supply and extreme yet quiet ventilation is key..

Powerful Gaming Computers

Gamers Should Forget Laptops!

Laptops use far less powerful processors and minimal cooling to save battery power. They run slow, get too hot and burn out fast!

Server, Desktop, Gaming

Computers Built by Professionals!

We build servers, workstations and gaming computers the right way! Everything is designed to be perfect for your application!

The Fastest Overclocked Graphic Cards

Custom Built Gaming Computers

A gaming computer needs to be both fast and stable. It requires a very fast video card to outperform your competition. We build the best!

Custom Built Computers

Custom Built Business Computers

Business computers have more reliable, better quality parts and are made to both outperform and outlast store bought computers.

Your network matters just as much as your computer.

Network Problems?